HELLO. Buenos Días. Buon Giorno. Hallo. 您好。

Welcome. Bienvenidos. Benvenuti. Wilkommen. 歡迎光臨

My Name is

Eric, Enríque, Enrico, and, 馬愛樂.

(Just depends who you ask)

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My Goal is ultimately to INSPIRE. Whether it be the art that I make, the pictures that I take, or the websites that I create for clients, my goal is to produce work that not only stands out, but inspires its viewers. I started out creating art in the medium of photography during college, but after postgrad my career took me through a winding road of experience through many industries. This road led me to where I am now, creating beautiful things for people to enjoy, and to use for business. Now, I am joined by a team of amazingly creative people to share our expertise, our artistry, and our passions with the world. I am here to help you See Your World in a New Way.

Formato + Fotografia = Formatografia

My last name Formato, as it is written on a family plaque handed down through generations, says that the name comes from the Italian verb "Formare" (to form). The past participle of the verb "Formato" means formed, and describes the well formed man. Formato is also can mean format, and it is this double meaning that I find to be part of my story and brand. I strive to offer new and innovative forms of photography and services. My work takes a step beyond the typical visual art and photography services normally offered. I recognize that everyone is formed differently, that everyone appreciates forms in unique ways. It is through this belief that I construct a medium for art and photography to be appreciated and accessible tot all kinds of people from all walks of life. This is why I create art such as Hue Shifting, where I make the same photograph available in a plethora of colors that aims to satisfy the preferences of a wider audience than say with just the original. Although I have stepped beyond photography, it has served as the base of all of my visual work and artistry, hence the ending GRAFIA as it comes from the Italian word for photography, Fotografia. Life is full of beauty all around us, but yet we rarely see it because everything in life distracts us from seeing it. I live for those moments when there's something so inexplicable beautiful, that if not captured, I feel like i've failed.  To me, photography is an ever evolving spectrum of visual potential, expression and experience. It is a gateway for my mind to express itself and capture IT that is that I love about life so much. IT being everything that makes life beautiful. The exact moment when the unthinkable happens.  The perfect summer senset that illuminates the city like gold, to the moments shared between friends or lovers that lasts a lifetime, the best visual representation of someones passion. 


What is it about life and its possibilities that I am compelled to capture? The answer is neither short, nor easy, but the art of digital photography literally "captures" the moment- the experience, the emotion, the energy of life in all the textures and colors that make it both meaningful and memorable. My work is founded in an organic process, that hopefully is realized in the heart and soul of those who experience it. My photography, like my personality and passion, is not locked into one genre. It is not static, it is dynamic.. intended not just to be seen but to be remembered and endlessly shared with others. So, for me, good photography starts with Connection- connecting to people, to their world, to their goals and dreams. The reason that Formatografia is more than photoraphy, is to extend that experience to customers commercially, through their businesses, their own artistic enterprises can experience success and exposure.   


My mission with Formatografia is to share my vision and to offer my content/media creation skills to the achievement of your dreams and visions.

to the world around me, to the vibrancy of life, for the human capacity we all share to "See Our World in a New Way"- and to craft ever greater levels of meaning for ourselves and others. Thank you for sharing my passion. I hope my work will deepen your appreciation for the world around you and these images will continue




To create positive experience resulting in unforgettable digital and physical media that resonates with not only the client but the world at large.  In art, I do this by creating vastly different edits of the same picture to evoke a response from not only the crowd who loves bright colors, but also the crowd who likes dark and moody shots. I frequently create multiple versions of the same original photograph to fit the diverse spectrum of appreciation that people have for color, mood, composition, etc. In my photo services, I do this by being a team player, by actually giving a $hit. By taking on the project as my opportunity and responsibility to capture and emphasize the things a client wants to see at the end of the day. Portrait photography for example, OUT with the boring and typical portraits in front of a screen, IN with the shared adventure and magic of creating moments together in our element that create lasting digital impressions. In content creation / management, I do this by finding everything out that there is to know about the client, what their goals are, understanding their angle, but most importantly, connecting with them on a human level to encapsulate the things that make them so special.



than other "photographers" (if I even fit that label anymore)  is being able to go beyond simply taking a good picture, but creating a positive, mutually beneficial, immersive experience. As a world traveler / volunteer, and as a speaker of several languages, diversity is not only extremely important, but extremely beautiful. 

Lose the Ego

Photography's spectrum of artistic and professional potential allows for the rise of "photographer ego." On the one hand you have the artist, the creatively enlightened, the one gifted with the vision, the dreamers of the dreams… Then on the other hand you have the photo professional, the business man/woman, the scientist, the photography school grad, the exquisitely equipped that  knows how to expose and capture what is lying in front of them, but can't reach beyond that.  Photographers generally fall into one of these categories harder than the other ( of course not everything is black and white, there are ALWAYS exceptions), but there arises what I  perceive as an inflated surface area of inflated egos. I know or have heard stories of  photographers that believe that their way is the only way, their eye is the only eye, they have ultimate authority of what is beautiful and what is not, or that they can charge exhorbinant prices for only a couple or few deliverables. Seriously, a 3 hour shoot with only 4 final pictures for 2,000 dollars? What kind of twisted realm is this?


None of this flies with me. My perception of what is beautiful is no better than yours. I edit to fit a wide array of emotions and moods, that go beyond just the typical touch ups. Ultimately I believe photography, as many things in life, is a fluid, and constantly evolving spectrum of possibility. I know no limits to my own creativity and passion. Everything is possible until proven impossible. Unfortunately for the status quo, I do not confine myself to a specific label, therefore I am not just "a photographer". I work within the fields of photography, fine art, design, content marketing, social media strategy,business development, translation and mutlilingual marketing, videography, and brand building... SO what does that make me?


Things you can expect from working with me include:

  • A comfortable, genuine, and positive working relationship
  • To not be THAT annoying photographer that is trying to override your creative direction...  I will work genuinely and clearly with you to establish guidelines, boundaries, and mutual creative objectives in order to ensure the most natural and engaging content possible.
  • To be a team player that "can get along with everyone."  Previous scholastic, occupational, and leadership experience taught me how to form good teams, and how to play hard on one.  I will be helpful on your set, and leave my pride at the door to help you accomplish your mission.
  • Made to order editing: no matter how technical or abstract, vibrant or moody that you want it, I will achieve the look you're going for (or create multiple looks for you to choose from).
  • To remain open to  following your pace, or taking the reigns as the creative leader.
  • To integrate into whatever event, vision, or situation that you need a photographer for. One of my best abilities is my ability to adapt.


So send me a message, let's get in touch. Let's explore the realms of visual possibility together, and at the end of your experience I can promise you satisfaction and new insight on how photography can be used to See Your World in a New Way.

i am a photographer/ multimedia producer / artist

why are you such a thing?

On a philisophical level, the reasoning behind me doing what I do is to create happiness and connection. Yup. Happiness and connection. Those are my ultimate drivers for what I use my photography to do. When I was in my Chinese class in college, my teacher gave me the name 愛樂 (love and happiness). She gave that name to me because she saw I was always smiling, and loving to learn about not only Chinese but about everything and everyone around me. Since then, I've come to realize that we are all capable of something powerful. We have the ability to create happiness. Happiness is a complex emotion, but one thing that's true about it across the board is that it's infectious. All of us humans want to be happy (and connected, but I'll get to that later) so by creating happiness in others, we create a ripple effect that our short range human perception could ever imagine. I believe that art has the power to inspire positive change. Through the eyes and hearts of others, they have made me aware of is that I can make them aware of love that they have for something by seeing it in a way they haven't before.  









My philosophy: Photography, as the incredible art and science of capturing light, is a cooperative process between the subject, and me the photographer. Every second is an opportunity to capture the essence of life. Seeing that it is a two way street, I respect the subject whether it be a city, person, product, etc. and try to infuse each and every capture with energy that WE create. Photography is something that has acquired highly significant meaning in the lives of human beings. PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOULD NOT ALWAYS INSERT THEIR OPINIONS UPON OTHERS. When I edit, I create several different styles of the same photograph that express different moods and emotions, forms and geometry, and deeper message within. When shooting with me, I can assure you, that I will not force my opinion on which of these edits are "better". If you want something specific, I will do it no problem. But if you want to see what the unleashed mind of a hustling creative can do, please... Let me help you See Your World In a New Way.