Labels are hard.

We use them incessantly, but I simply ran into a roadblock. I'm not just a photographer. I'm not just an artist. I'm not just one thing period, so a term that I've found that encapsulates all of my work is: Digital Visualist - Someone who has tendencies towards visual beauty and creates such things that rely on light for expression in the digital realm.

I create multiple types digital visual media such as photography, video, timelapses, graphics, aerials, among many other Formats. My biggest asset is my creativity and innovation to be able to take someone's idea and breath creative visual life into the idea. 

Formatografía carries many meanings. It stems from my last name Formato + Fotografia (Italian for photography). My last name means "format" or "formatted." Accordingly to an old family document, it refers to the well-formed man... But what it also represents to me is the multiplicity of styles of artwork I produce, along with the mediums I produce it in. I am person of diverse curiosities with a burning passion to broaden perspectives and learning from other's perspectives, languages, and cultures. This is reflected in the diversity of my work, ranging from artistic to technical, colorful to muted, serious to playful, normal to abstract. 

With my work, I hope to expand and enhance the perspective of other people, and create new realms of possibility for the things that they wish to see done visually. As far as I'm concerned, Everything is Possible.