Eric Formato is a Chicago born and based self-taught photographer, artist, entrepreneur, and content marketing consultant who is passionate about capturing and exposing the vibrancy of life, places, and people. He produces an intense original form of media, founded in an organic process that takes place his heart, mind, and soul. Photography for him is an ever evolving spectrum of visual potential, expression and experience. It is a gateway for the mind to express its perspective on IT. IT being everything that makes life beautiful or interesting. IT is the exact moment when the unthinkable happens.  IT is the perfect picture that encapsulates someone's passion, being, brand, or identity.


Having always been fascinated by the cultures and diversity of the world, Eric followed his love and studies of foreign languages (with a camera in-hand) to far away lands spanning from Argentina to China. His immersion in other countries gave him a vast opportunity to experiment with a wide range of landscapes, cities, foods, and people as his subjects.  Thus his work as a photographer began. He started selling art back on his college campus, and continued to develop his photographic abilities until he started to offer freelance photography services as well.


Eric graduated from Duquense University with an International Relations and Foreign Languages double major, he stayed a semester on campus to help create and direct digital content and translation for a water mission project in Honduras. Eric's creative work matches his diversity. He doesn't take pictures of only one specific genre, and he doesn't consider himself to be solely a photographer. From translator to perfumier, he has had his hand in everything at one point or another. After he returned from school, he entered the business realm working for two different incubators, ICNC (industrial), and 1871 (technology startups). Here he gained marketing strategy and content creation experience, along with experience in social media planning and management. He found a natural fit of producing content with then giving it purpose on the web and on social media channels for various companies.


His experience in these sectors gave him the insight and inspiration he needed to formally found his own company. In January of 2016, then gave light to Formatografia which started as a fine art business, and rapidly expanded into a photographic services andbrand development / content solutions company.  Bringing inspiration and exposure to his art buyers and clients fueled his passion and dedication to providing the most diverse, flexible, high quality, and personalized work as possible. He believes anything and everything should be printed on, and has found unique ways to reincorporate light into his artwork that remains unique. His core values revolve around balance, openness, accessibility, and philanthropy. His organic transformation into artist and service provider continues to grow in a direction where he believes he can make any visual dream become a reality. Whether it be a huge custom art installation, or building a brand's content, or an entire website from start to finish with the client, he is determined to leave a lasting impression.


His work has been featured in artistic and commercial publications both in print and online, art expos, galleries,  restaurants, salons, community centers, and a variety of art/street festivals. He has transformed office spaces in the downtown area of Chicago into vibrant working environments with his own design and artwork.

Art / Street Festivals - West Loop Art Festival (2016), West Fest (2016), Edgewater Art Festival (2014-2016), Southport Art Fest (2015), Midsommar Festival (2015, 2016), LaSalle St. Christmas Market (2015), Duquesne University artistic journal Lexicon (Jan. 2014), Won Duquense University Video Contest (2010)



Galleries and Exhibitions The Center on Halsted (2015), Robert Jeffery Salon Lakeview and Wicker Park locations (2015), Arts and Craft Brew Launch Event Wicker Park (2015), Faces and Places by Art on Sedgwick (2016), Cafes around the city such as Buzz Cafe in Oak Park, Snake & Bloom gallery (Pittsburgh)– RAW Artists Expos (Chicago and Pittsburgh, 2013- 2014),

His Client and Publications Include: Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Human First Gala, Cerise Rooftop Bar, Drop Lounge Matthew Rachman Gallery, Chef Charles Webb, Takumi Taco NYC, 2nd City Beef, Gooey & CO, Choose Chicago, Modern Luxury, GLAAD, as well as numerous comedy shows, discussion panels, fundraisers, behind the scenes photo, concerts etc.

He has transformed office spaces with custom art at

180 N LaSalle – Marquette Associates


505 N LaSalle – The Study Abroad Network

232 E Ohio – Filmworker’s Club

He has and continues to donate his time and talents to:

Center on Halsted

Art on Sedgwick

St. Jude




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I've always been an artistically creative person, but photography was not the career path I planned to follow. After studying marketing at Bradley University, I started my career in the advertising world at a boutique Chicago ad agency where I wore a lot of hats, so to speak. Here, my passion for branding and visual design really flourished. While working closely with clients to build their brand identities, I developed a desire to directly impact a company’s creative look, and I soon realized I could do that with a medium I enjoyed much more than strategy meetings; photography.

In 2010 I left the agency world behind and began a new career when I opened Nic

His work has been featured in artistic and commercial publications both in print and online, art expos, galleries,  restaurants, salons, community centers, and a variety of art/street festivals. He has transformed office spaces in the downtown area of Chicago into vibrant working environments with his art. He believes that photography is a dynamic and evolving spectrum of visual possibility, that is used to express some kind of experience stemming from human existence.  He also believes that photography should be mutual sensory experience by engaging the senses, emotion, and imagination. He challenges himself, his viewers, and the world to do one thing. To See Your World in a New Way.