HELLO. Buenos Días. Buon Giorno. Hallo. 您好。

Welcome. Bienvenidos. Benvenuti. Wilkommen. 歡迎光臨


My Name is 

Eric Formato. ALSO Enríque, Enrico, and, 馬愛樂.



This isn't just photography.

It is living experience.  

Formatografia stands for Formato (my last name) and Photography (in italian). My journey as a photographer started not in the classroom, but exploring the world with a camera in hand. I studied foreign languages and international relations... surely I would have never seen it coming that I would be an artist, or a photographer, or even a business person. But sure enough, my curiosity for capturing, enhancing, and evoking the radiant colors and celestial forms from the world around me led me to be an artist first. 

For me, good photography starts with Connection-- connecting to the world, or other people to their world, to their passion, experience and imagination. So what we are talking about here is far more than “pictures,” and that is the reason that formatografia wanders outside the boundries of what traditional photographers or artist or consultants do. 

But now are talking about the art side of things. My artwork is diverse, and that's because the world itself and all of its people are diverse. I employ several different styles, as I know that everyone has their own concept of what is beautiful. For some that might be black and white imagery that is very technical, others it might be a wild landscape or cityscape bursting with color and activity. everyone has varying opinions on color, so I created a series knowing that fact. 

But it is not merely the subject matter or editing style that is dynamic. It is also the materials. paper got old to me real fast, so I started printing on canvas, glass, metal, phone cases, beach towels, mugs, shower curtains you name it! Art brings pleasure and joy to people, so it is my goal to find ways to deliver that happiness to as many people as possible. Please, dive in below!


i am a photographer/ multimedia producer / artist

why are you such a thing?

On a philisophical level, the reasoning behind me doing what I do is to create happiness and connection. Yup. Happiness and connection. Those are my ultimate drivers for what I use my photography to do. When I was in my Chinese class in college, my teacher gave me the name 愛樂 (love and happiness). She gave that name to me because she saw I was always smiling, and loving to learn about not only Chinese but about everything and everyone around me. Since then, I've come to realize that we are all capable of something powerful. We have the ability to create happiness. Happiness is a complex emotion, but one thing that's true about it across the board is that it's infectious. All of us humans want to be happy (and connected, but I'll get to that later) so by creating happiness in others, we create a ripple effect that our short range human perception could ever imagine. I believe that art has the power to inspire positive change. Through the eyes and hearts of others, they have made me aware of is that I can make them aware of love that they have for something by seeing it in a way they haven't before.  



WHAT. Is it you do?


Eric is a Chicago born and based self-taught photographer, artist, and entrepreneur who is passionate about capturing and exposing the vibrancy of life. He produces an intense original form of media, founded in an organic process that takes place his heart, mind, and soul.  He discovered his artistic and photographic outlet with the help of his adventurous spirit, international education, philanthropy, and curiosity of technology. Having always been fascinated by the cultures and diversity of the world, he followed his love of foreign languages (with a camera in-hand) to far away lands across the world. Other countries gave him ample opportunity to experiment with a wide range of landscapes, cities, foods, and people as his subjects.   Formatografía focuses on accentuating color, geometry, composition, unseen angles, and a spectrum of styles to satisfy the diversity of artistic preferences of others. The work represents the immense diversity of human expression and the individualized interpretation of beauty.  His innate drive is to show people a new perspective, whether it be of their city, themselves, their event, their work, their art, their loved ones, their own artistic ability, whatever it may be. His work has been featured in artistic and commercial publications both in print and online, art expos, galleries,  restaurants, salons, community centers, and a variety of art/street festivals. He has transformed office spaces in the downtown area of Chicago into vibrant working environments with his art. He believes that photography is a dynamic and evolving spectrum of visual possibility, that is used to express some kind of experience stemming from human existence.  He also believes that photography should be mutual sensory experience by engaging the senses, emotion, and imagination. He challenges himself, his viewers, and the world to do one thing. To See Your World in a New Way. 


The short version. First I was a student. Then I was a leader. Then I was an artist. Then I was a translator. Then I was a business developer. Then I was an international marketer. Then I was a tech developer. Then I was a photographer. Then I was a social media strategist. Now... I am a digital developer, if I have to put a label on it.