Brand Creation

Nicolette Luxeology Hair Co.


Brand Creation

Nicolette Luxeology Hair Co.

Meet Nicolette


Her Story

Nicolette came to us with a need that is very common among entrepreneurs. She was going break away from the mainstream, create her brand, and do her own hair coloring thing! She needed several things including a business name, logo, tagline, website, business cards, original content, social media etc...

May seem like a lot for one team to embrace, but that's what we do best! Putting the humanity of our clients into digital form to create their web presence and digital architecture. We took her under our wing and for a number of weeks, we developed her brand from the ground up! We do this in person face to face with our team of creators to maximize the personal experience and deep human connection that needs to be conveyed to the world online.


We start with the most important questions. Who are you? What makes you different? Why are you founding your business? What are your goals with the brand? How do you want it to look and feel? The result after the hard work of our graphic designers, visual artists, and writers, we interviewed and created our way to a comprehensive brand that puts her personality and passion in the spotlight!

Original Content

Through several photo shoots, we were able to encapsulate Nicolette, her work, and her style. Google changed its algorythm and now prefers original content, and everything we made for her was done from scratch. Using photography and videography we were able to produce the content that vibes with her style online, and with writing we were able to encapsulate her language, which helps tell her story, sell her brand, and engage.


Using all of our own original content, we created  a full website for Nicolette's Hair Luxeology Hair Co. . Her  website contains information on her business, galleries of her work, a listing of services and pricing, as well as links to contact her and follow her on social media. All the websites we create are mobile responsive which is also a very important aspect of current web architecture that gives your website more credibility. 


A hair colorist who's part sugar, part spice

A hair colorist who's part sugar, part spice

From an idea to a brand


Meet Nicolette, an extremely talented hair color specialist and entrepreneur that worked with Studio Formatografia to build her brand's digital presence. Nicolette is a bright and polite yet blunt and raw woman that has her eye on the prize. Her personality is part sugar, and part spice. She doesn't take any BS, but she doesn't cause any either. This amazing Italian American took it upon herself to leave the big salon to pursue her dream of having her own salon where the emphasis is on the individual experience with the client, not just a number in an endless assembly line of blowdryers and hair spray. Nicolette approached our team, and after our initial in person meeting, it was clear that our project was going to be successful.

Our Journey with Nicolette

We set off with some primary goals in Nicolette's case:

  • Build a website for clients to connect with her and for her to advertise and market her services
  • Create social media accounts to support her business
  • Create visual content that encompasses her personality, passion, and skills she uses in her business
  • Create new client streams through the use of content marketing
  • Make logos, taglines, and branded content for her use on social media

I'm proud to say in Nicolette's case, were able to accomplish everything we set out to do, and thensome. We were able to create her a logo, business card, website, optimized social media channels, and a plethora of content ranging from pictures of her, to pictures with her clients. A website with personable about me and mission, testimonials, high quality photo and video as support for her web presence, all within budget and delivering a week ahead of time. Nicolette has been very pleased with the service, and she had this to say about the experience working with us:

“My experience working with the team was positive since the moment I had my initial consultation with Eric and his team. He made it easy to evaluate what had to be done for me to achieve my goals, and how his team and I would achieve it. He was fluid in his communications and provided frequent updates to progress and kept me feeling in the loop and in control.....”

Examples of Visual Content

Example Web Page

Visual Content with Clients

Example Branding

All in all we brought an idea to a reality through personal one on one sessions with our team, lots of communication, and lot's of mutual creativity. She is now up and running her own independent business, and just had her best month of business so far!!



Our Process

Our Process

Initial contact

Our sociable and creative team strives to work with good, likeminded people to help advance their business or brand in genuine and powerful ways. After first contact is made, we then set up an in person meeting to get started...

  • In-person meeting with entire team to establish foundation of relationship
  • Cover all aspects of clients business, including progress, goals, visual and written style, etc.
  • Determine objectives and timeline of project
  • Business coaching, and brand identity brainstorm (for new entreprenuers) 

branding and content creation phase

  • Brand identity development (if needed)
  • Personalized / private interview
  • Personalized / private photo and video shoots 
  • Custom logo and tagline creation
  • Branded content creation for use on social media and/or website

Back end phase

  • Social media channel creation
  • Business email, domain, etc
  • Website creation
  • Online store creation
  • Other technical aspects of digital projects

  • Finalize all web, and social media content with client
  • Finalize visual and written style 
  • Gain approval of content calendar (if applicable)
  • LAUNCH!!!
  • Launch Party (Optional) - we help to plan the launch of your new website or brand! To celebrate and kick off your journey onward into the market! We can help in all aspects of the planning, from venues and logistics, to promotional items and digital flyers! With all of our clients to date, they end up being more like friends, trust us you'll like us ;) 

Finishing touch / Launch phase

  • Marketing strategy, complete with custom content calendar
  • Social media management 
  • Website management 
  • SEO
  • Refresh with new content every month

Content Management / Communications