Brand Creation

All original content and website from the ground up


Brand Creation

All original content and website from the ground up

Meet Nicolette from Nicluxe!



Nicolette came to us with a need that is very common among entrepreneurs. She was going break away from the mainstream, create her brand, and do her own thing! She needed several components for her new brand including a business name, logo, tagline, website, business cards, original content, social media etc...

Our Solution

We took her under our wing and for a number of weeks, we developed her brand from the ground up! We do this in person face to face with our team of creators to maximize the personal experience and deep human connection that needs to be conveyed to the world online.


What makes you different? What are your goals for the brand? How do you want to talk to your customers? What visual style are you attracted to? Why should anyone care? Getting to the bottom of these and other questions guides our design.

Original Content

After a couple photoshoots and interviews, were able to produce the content that vibes with her style visual and communication style, which helps tell her story authentically and sell her brand to those who identify with it.


Using all original content we created the website for Nicolette's Hair Luxeology Hair Co. Now people can find Nicolette, find out about her services, pricing information, hear her story, and find her on social media. All the websites we design are optimized to be mobile ready and appear beautiful on any device.


What she had to say

What she had to say

My experience working with the team was positive since the moment I had my initial consultation with Eric and his team. He made it easy to evaluate what had to be done for me to achieve my goals, and how his team and I would achieve it. He was fluid in his communications and provided frequent updates to progress and kept me feeling in the loop and in control.

On time and on budget we were able to:

  • Create an original brand with its own original logo, tagline, and style
  • Build and grow social media accounts, while educating her on best posting practices
  • Found a beautiful website to represent her business online
  • Craft visual and written content that encompasses her personality, passion, and skills she uses in her business

Visuals: Self


Visuals: with Clients




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Our Process

Our Process

Initial contact

Our sociable and creative team strives to work with good, likeminded people to help advance their business or brand in genuine and powerful ways. After first contact is made, we then set up an in person meeting to get started...

  • In-person meeting with entire team to establish foundation of relationship
  • Cover all aspects of clients business, including progress, goals, visual and written style, etc.
  • Determine objectives and timeline of project
  • Business coaching, and brand identity brainstorm (for new entreprenuers) 

branding and content creation phase

  • Brand identity development (if needed)
  • Personalized / private interview
  • Personalized / private photo and video shoots 
  • Custom logo and tagline creation
  • Branded content creation for use on social media and/or website

Back end phase

  • Social media channel creation
  • Business email, domain, etc
  • Website creation
  • Online store creation
  • Other technical aspects of digital projects

  • Finalize all web, and social media content with client
  • Finalize visual and written style 
  • Gain approval of content calendar (if applicable)
  • LAUNCH!!!
  • Launch Party (Optional) - we help to plan the launch of your new website or brand! To celebrate and kick off your journey onward into the market! We can help in all aspects of the planning, from venues and logistics, to promotional items and digital flyers! With all of our clients to date, they end up being more like friends, trust us you'll like us ;) 

Finishing touch / Launch phase

  • Marketing strategy, complete with custom content calendar
  • Social media management 
  • Website management 
  • SEO
  • Refresh with new content every month

Content Management / Communications