In an age of digitalism...

We all feel bombarded advertisements and digital noise, yet we feel a strong need to market and represent ourselves online. In the technological blur, we talk to robots, we wait for emails, everything is processed. BUT... It doesn't have to be that way. Digital profiles and brands just need a dose of humanity, and that's what Studio Formato is all about.

Studio Formatografia takes a high touch and face-to-face approach to analyzing, understanding, strategizing, creating, and implementing personal or branded content to fulfill a variety of needs needs, whether it be a logo, a blog post, or an entire brand from the ground up!

The clothing and accessory brand EVOL Chicago clearly loves its good vibes

The clothing and accessory brand EVOL Chicago clearly loves its good vibes


What our collective can do for you

Our team of talented creatives jointly come toegether to hear you out, and synthesize a strategy to produce quality content to your liking, and optimize said content to achieve to your mission. We help a variety of clients to accomplish their creative and marketing goals by creating quality content that has the ability to increase your exposure, engagement, web presence, and strengthen brand identity

We work from the ground (just an idea) all the way to the top (a developed brand with web and social media presence) and everywhere in between! The scope of our work includes the following:

  • Crafted content both visual and written
  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Graphic Design

  • Logos / Taglines

  • Website Development

  • Analytics and SEO

  • Blog posts with original media and copy

  • eBooks / Newsletters

  • Social Media Content Creation and Management

    • Twitter

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • YouTube

  • Infographics

  • Visuals / advertisements

  • Brochures / flyers

  • Guerilla marketing


Content is king. crown yourself.

we work with small to medium sized businesses to humanize their brands.

In an ever saturated world where we are overwhelmed with options, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to stand out. what we specialize in is getting to the core of you, your product, your brand, and encapsulating it in the highest quality media possible to give you a visual, written, and strategic advantage against others in your industry. 


We find ourselves in the middle of the exponential rise in technology, and search incessantly for truth.

As technology evolves we clench onto our humanity and search for connection in an ever saturated place that we call the internet. It is this connection we yearn for that is as old as our humanity. Connection arguably is the reason for life and happiness, because without it, there could be neither. 

Digital Development is the enhancement and growth of one's digital presence. Whether this be in terms of marketing, branding, social media, website, or content, our collectives digs deep with you to find your Humanity, and then express that in digital form.