Meet Oscar - A charity event benefiting the Center on Halsted and its services,  in Lakeview Chicago. The Center is the largest LGBT community center in the Midwest Region of the United States. The goal of the event was to raise $70,000 for the center. My objective for this from an event photography and marketing standpoint was to create original and captivating marketing content to promote the event, as well as take photographs of the event itself. Below you can see examples of what it started as, where I took it, and how I managed to capture the event. 

Original branding of the event.


Story of how you produced the content here.





Finished Product

Behind the Scenes

My job though, did not stop there. I went on to create digital marketing / advertising content to promote the event on the organization's website and social media channels. 

Finally! The moment came for the red carpet! My objective in photographing was the event was to create imagery that expressed the elegant and lively flow of the elegant event. I set out to capture a balanced collection of media that featured different aspects of the event. Examples include portraits, space, activities within the event, notable moments, sponsors and sponsorship, and behind the scenes. Take a look at some of the images that I came up with.