Behind the scenes photography Provides a valuable layer of authenticity to your final work. capture & showcase your production with another producer.


My Philosophy On Behind the Scenes Photography

This is your baby, not mine. 

I understand what it's like to have to execute and event, shoot, or any other creative endeavor... I as a humble and respectful person will not be THAT annoying photographer that is trying to change your creative direction...  I will work genuinely with you and your crew to establish guidelines, boundaries, and creative objectives in order to ensure the most natural and engaging content possible.

I can be as invisible as you want me to be...

I believe strongly in transparency, two types in this case. The transparency of being clear, open, and honest with clients, and the transparency of being physically not in-the-way on your set! I again will not be THAT photographer who is constantly ruining a shot or being over involved and over-present. In cases where there can be no video and/or audio disturbance, I achieve the desired effect from a far with various lenses.

I'm a team player

I pride myself on being a libra, someone who understands multiple personality types and "can get along with everyone."  Previous scholastic and organization leadership experience taught me how to form teams, and how to play hard on one. Growing up playing sports, doing philanthropic missions and fundraising, and having close family in the medical field also helped me in this way. I will be helpful on your set, and leave my pride at the door to help you accomplish your team's mission.

Made to Edit

How you want it, you get it. You let me know before hand how you want your pictures to look. No matter how technical or abstract, vibrant or colorless,  X or Y you want it, I can achieve the look you're going for. I'm here to help you create


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