The Go TO medium for dynamic modern photoart


There a came a point when...

I realized that light, the essential and most central aspect of photography was being lost after being printed. In real life, I captured the light that was available at the time. On screen while editing, there was still light coming through. But once printed on paper, something was lost...

I searched far and wide to find a medium that allowed the light to live on, and thus I present: illumiLIVE Art. Artwork printed on bare aluminum that allows for an art piece that truly has a life of its own.

  • Printed directly on lightweight, durable aluminum 
  • UV coated, good for indoors or outdoors
  • Can be hung with adhesive for flush look, or custom frames can be built
  • Light source, viewing angle, and position of the sun all create different looks for each piece
  • Can be cut into ANY shape or collection of shapes
  • Up to 4'x8' panels, can be modularized to be even bigger