On brand Development / Branding

"Working with Eric is like a "breath of fresh air." The energy and mental creative capacity he brings to the table gives me inspiration and the motivation to think outside the box more and present myself differently to the world in my business endeavors. His products are innovative, clean, long-lasting quality that catches consumer's eyes with their first encounter with his products." -Gabrielo Stefano

"Working with Eric and his team is absolutely amazing. They really have an eye for detail and are very thorough in all the work they do. They make your entire experience enjoyable from start to finish. I highly recommend them to help you out if you're read to get your new business launched! -Lena Brogato

"Eric and his team emits infectious enthusiasm and positive energy, talented in capturing the world as we all wish to see it. He has never disappointed with his creative work and more often exceeds expectations." -Grant Ladniak

"You don't need to be friends with Eric to feel comfortable with him (or know him at all for that matter). I've never felt positive about having me and my product's photographs taken, but Eric exudes self-assurance with his positivity, confidence, and hilarious commentary. After seeing his work it's obvious he has the skill make a statement piece that is different from anything you have ever seen taken of yourself. His skills are genuine and one of a kind and it matches his incredible personality." -Kelsey Graczyk


On Photography and art

"Hands down the most interesting, inspiring, creative, kind-hearted person that I know. Amazing to work with." -Claire Songakul

"I wanted something that was unique and played homage to the city of Chicago. The resulting work ”House of Hues” hangs proudly in our River North office. A series of five panels from various environments across the city, it evokes immediate responses from our many international guests and visitors. Eric was a dream to work with, from understanding my brief to delivering and installing the work on time and on budget."- Russ Alexander

"Eric is an incredibly unique, intriguing, and talented creator of an ever-expanding range of products and experiences. Photography is his "claim to fame," but this guy is about so much more than only that... He brings an incredibly unique perspective to nearly everything he does: his eye for photography and skill for editing is like none other, his ideas are compelling and innovative, and his enthusiasm for new pursuits knows no bounds. He brings an open mind and a full heart into each new endeavor, with a can-do attitude and a desire to succeed and benefit those around him like very few others. He's one of those people that words alone cannot do justice - you need to meet him to see for yourself!" -Al Oschnar

"I met Eric after my daughter fell in love with his photography at a Christmas fair. When he heard about Art on Sedgwick, he immediately resonated with our vision and wanted to capture it. The more we talked, the more engaged he became. He began shooting some of our events, and was able to communicate our vision vividly with his images. Eric sees contrast and texture and color were others might miss it. He sees things that others intuitively know are there, but can't quite articulate -- and brings them to life in his photography. Eric's presence is also welcomed bonus at our events. He has an intensity of thought and feeling combined with a deep capacity for love and lightheartedness that makes others feel more alive. He has an ability to get people to see things from a different perspective. For an organization dedicated to breaking down barriers with art, that is a true gift." -Charlie Branda

clients words about working relationship 

Friendly, Hard Working, eccentric, Creative, Determined, Genuine, Passionate, Driven, Diverse, Open-minded, Vibrant, Talented, Unique, Intriguing, Awesome, Reflective, Curious, Loving, Soulful, Engaged, Generous, Strategic, Joyful, Hilarious, Comforting, Free-spirited, Energetic, Welcoming,  Altruistic, Caring, Perceptive, Innovative, Caring