Meet your Guide

It's me, Eric Formato! It's my mission to help you to learn how to capture the things you want to capture and create your own works of art! I will show you how TO operate your camera, To use your smartphone to create stunning images, Or if you have neither, then you can use one of mine! Let's go on a tour to my secret spots and capture some beauty!


How it works

There are a couple of formats to the In Field Experiences that allow us to work together no matter what! Basically we choose the hardware we will focus on, the subject matter we want to capture, and work out the logistics of where we will meet, etc. Then from there our creativity is the limit, and I will show you to do what I love doing to the best of my ability. The options break down to:

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DSLR, whether it's yours or mine

Say you have a "real" camera (also known as a  digital single-lens reflex camera) but you don't know how to use it. If you're looking for guidance on how to get certain shots, then this is for you! If you do not yet own a DSLR but you want to experiment shooting with one, why should that stop you?! You can simply temporarily lease one from me, and off we go!

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Mobile photography

By signing up for a mobile photography lesson with me, you will automatically receive a free eBook containing information on mobile best shooting practices as well as a list of apps that I've come to love over the years. Don't be fooled by your phone, I produced lots of art on my phone before I started to shoot with a DSLR camera!

By Bike

Have a bike and are ready to go? Great! Without a bike or don't want to worry about it getting tampered with while we're shooting? No worries I have an extra Divvy Key to allow us to bike at our heart's content! I enjoy biking because it allows us to soak in more sceneary see more scenery in a less amount of time. If bikes aren't your thing, then we can go...

On Foot

The easiest way to experience the field. We just agree on a time, a place, lock it all in, and then meet at a convenient location to embark on our journey of exploration, and knowledge acquisition. I too will be learning on these adventures, as I will get to know you and see things that I've never seen before, because everyone's eye is different!




  • 1 hr $100
  • 2hr $180
  • 3hr $250


  • 1 hr $150
  • 2hr $215
  • 3hr $275


  • 1 hr $70
  • 2hr $125
  • 3hr $200

All pricing includes thorough instruction based on interest, relevant  resources, a password protected gallery on my website to host and share our pictures, as well as insight into my favorite hidden gems throughout the city for shooting. Meet up location will be be determined by what you are passionate or curious about shooting!

DSLR - Walking

  • 1 hr $80
  • 2hr $150
  • 3hr $225

Lease DSLR- Walking

  • 1 hr $110
  • 2hr $180
  • 3hr $225

MOBILE - Walking

  • 1 hr $60
  • 2hr $110
  • 3hr $180
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