eye catching media every time.



stabalized Video

360 degree video

live streaming to social 






  • LIVE UPDATES - create mini marketing campaign around event, share on social media as it happens using extra camera hardware to transfer images, steam live from social media accounts

  • VR - Capture the event in VR, create environments for viewers at various points of the event, push to social media $150/hour +$50/hour for each additional photographer/videographer

  • Moving Montages - a unique format that combines all photos taken to create a unique recap experience.

Value Added Advantages

  • Receive 25 megapixel High Resolution and 2 mp Web Res Protected versions of the files for multipurpose

  • Photos are optimized with patented software to reduce both file size web load times without compromising quality

  • No Photographer’s Ego, I will hand over the RAW files upon your request... It's your content!!!