no corner will go uncaptured.

  • Be it formal or informal,  it'll look good. Galas, concerts, festivals, networking events, fundraisers, birthdays, whatever it may be!
  • Events are hard work, they require teamwork, and as a team player I can ensure you a positive and fluid working experience
  • With me you will not shots of all of people, of only of the venue, food etc. With me multiple lenses and multiple types of photography are taken into account, highlighting several aspects of an event including sponsorship, products, food, important moments and people, the venue, etc.






for Ongoing Event Coverage:


No two events are the same, so why treat all of event photography as the same beast. Offering solutions that go beyond the standard way of doing things. Events are dynamic, your content should be too.

  • LIVE UPDATES - create mini marketing campaign around event, share on social media as it happens using extra camera hardware to transfer images, steam live from social media accounts -$100/hour +$50/hour for each additional photographer
  • VR - Capture the event in VR, create environments for viewers at various points of the event, push to social media $150/hour +$50/hour for each additional photographer/videographer
  • Moving Montages - a unique format that combines all the pictures with music and impresses viewers. Check an example out here.

Value Added Advantages

I strive to exceed expectations in every industry I've ever worked in. Photography is no different. Here are some features of my work that come standard. 

  • Strategic shooting - I shoot based on your goals with the media whether it be a certain look or where the photos will live afterwords
  • You receive 25 megapixel High Res  and Web Resolution + Protected versions of the files either to be printed or live online
  • No Ego, I will hand over the RAW files upon your request... It's your content not mine!!!
  • Photos are optimized with patented software to reduce file size and load times both on and offline without compromising quality.
  •  Socialability, this might seem silly, but who likes to work with a weirdo photographer? I can be as social or as hidden as you wish.