Custom art. For those who:

  • Want a custom or more specific piece
  • Want help in the design process, consultation
  • You want something not available on Fine Art America (LED light board, hand painted canvas, or other products such as functional art and apparel)
  • Don't know what they want, but know they want something

Say you want something more specific, more unique, or you don't even know what you want but you know you want something... Then Custom Art is what you're looking for! 

Say there's a picture that you love on my website or Instagram, and you have an idea of what you would need, we can talk about the piece, and explore the possiblilities together. We also offer design help as well as installation. Formatografia is very flexible, and will work with you to conceptualize and produce based on your individual needs. 


Some of the custom pieces that I offer that I'm the most proud of are the following...

Put the light back into the photograph!  Take your favorite Formatografia shot, and give it life with this locally manufactured super electrical efficient LED lightbox. Enhance your space with the extremely bright and extremely eco friendly and efficient LED light board! This amazing product allows your to display artwork built custom to any size, with an easy-to-open frame, and to keep your artwork bright and new!

  • Brighten up your home, your office, your restaurant bar or club with these vibrant, eye catching functional art pieces.
  • Impress guests or clients with new artwork, or their company's logo. 
  • Change the image easily with the box's easy to open snapframe. 
  • Indoor and outdoor models both available
  • Extremely energy efficient with high quality materials
  • Manufactured in the Kinzie Industrial Cooridoor Planned Mannufacturing District on the city's Near West Side.
  • Choose color LEDs for brilliant lighting effects good for bars and clubs!
  • Available up to 4ft by 8ft (48'X96)




Hand Painted Canvas

  • Incredible hand painted canvases of the digital images that I produce

  • Avaiable in all sizes up to 100"

  • Hand painted and hand stretched 

  • Please allow two weeks for production time. 

Custom Metal

  • sleek, vibrant, and impressive metal pieces that "float" on the wall

  • Lightweight, sleek, ready to hang 

  • Extremely deep color saturation

  • Available in glossy, Matte, or metalic finishes 

  • Sizes up to 4ft by 8ft (96"x48")

  • Produced in Chicagoland


Custom Wrapped Canvas

  • Large textured versions of your favorite Formatografia shots in your home, office, restaurant, bar, hotel, or anywhere!

  • Available up to 60"X40"

  • Available one piece at a time or as a collection. Several different layout options available!

The possibilities don't end here, the other products I can print on are, but not limited to: phone cases, tablet cases, MOUSE PADS, STATIONARY, mugs, cutting boards, COASTERS, MAGNETS, calendars, ornaments, shirts, blankets & Pillows, towels, prints on wood, huge wall decals... ETC 

If you want to print on these, or other things, please, let me know!