Turning the Page in Pulp&Ink's Exciting adventure

bPulp & Ink Move-In Party-108.jpg

With Colin Falco


It's great to see people you love grow

I was with Colin months and months ago in his new space at 311 West Superior Street. I was so proud of him taking a bold new direction in his business and continuing to push himself to grow. It's reasons like this that I admire people like him... 


Fast forward a few months 

And the new space unsurprisingly pleased us all, both in its aesthetic quality and its spirit. Colin's positive energy and keen eye for design radiated throughout the space, and made it a very open and bright atmosphere for all the attendees- some of whom were friends, other business partners, others tenants from the building. One thing I love and respect about Colin is his ability to bring such great people together, so for the event and your impeccable ability to create positivity in the world...

Thanks again for having us, Colin. Congratulations on the next chapter in your tasteful, beautiful, and successful journey!