The ultimate content creation solution

A process in which I simply act as your shadow, and shadow you around for a few hours, or the whole entire day. I can be as involved with or uninvolved with your process as you like, and will be flexible at all times to going, seeing, and doing whatever you do. Hundreds of captures guaranteed, this is the fastest and most effective way to build your content out with me.

Some examples of shadow shooting can include:

You're a CEO who needs content of you at an event, in your meeting or office space, or during your work / creative process.

You're a personal trainer that needs content of you with clients, working out, preparing meals, looking good around town, etc.

You're a couple who wants pictures of you guys enjoying whatever it is you like to enjoy, a date in the park, in front of favorite landmarks, etc.

You're a tourist in town that wants to capture the special moments during your tour, in front of landmarks, engaging in cultural activities, experiencing life here