I try to keep myself open to all possibilities, especially when it comes to photography. I sometimes will have anywhere from 2 - 20 different edits of the same picture, all expressing varying degrees of clarity, color, light, texture, emotion etc. What makes this interesting to me is the fact that in a sense you have 2 layers of meaning in the photographs. You have the subject matter itself which expresses a certain thing or idea: a trace of once physical reality in space and time. Then you have this other layer, of colors and all these other factors I previously mentioned, and this expresses the mood/emotion. Here are a couple of examples of different edits that can lead to different interpretations...

BUT... I found another interesting way to express multiple ideas at the same time. For lack of better terms, "Word Art" shows not only subject matter, plus the emotion, but also allows language to trigger thought processes in our minds. There are many ways to shape a photograph, but doing it with words produces a completely different effect, one that I really enjoy and am excited to do more of!

Stay tuned for a gallery on my website devoted solely to word art!