Come get your Chicago clothing and art before we all freeze at Edgewater Art Festival!

Join me in revisiting Edgewater Art Festival! This was my very first festival a couple of years ago, and now I'm revisiting it three years later. So crazy to look back on that spec of time and see how much has changed since then. Back in those days, I was hanging up my art with TRELLACES, fucking trellises.... Here's a picture of it hahaha

Thankfully, I've upped my game since then and I've not only put the trellises to good use on my back patio, but also have brought several new products past production and into the hands of others. Some of these new products like phone cases for example and are unique to me because they are things that people  use on an everyday basis. Now don't get me wrong, the pieces made of the huge aluminium sheets are awesome too, but I like the more multidimensional direction that my art is going in!

This year I'm mixing it up, and working with a good entrepreneur friend of mine who has an awesome clothing and accessory line based on Chicago House Music: EVOL Chicago, (LOVE spelled backwards, and also referring to the EVOLution of love through culture and music).

I have partnered with the company's founder Misha in the past for collaborations of our brands. Below you will see some captures from us working together. This time, though, we're both bringing our individual best, together to YOU! Be sure to stop by to find some of the most unique Chicago merchandise out there! From Chicago shirts, hats, pins, and scarves to art printed on anything and everything you can imagine! Introducing multiple products  before summer is over, don't miss it!