My evolving journey from photography to video

I find that video is one of the most powerful forms of  media because it can encapsulate and transmit more information than any other form.

think of it this way, how long would it take you to understand a scenic sunrise if you saw a video, vs multiple pictures, vs reading a book about it. video combines tons of visual information as well as audio and can incorporate text on top of everything, making it a powerful medium that i'm thirsty to get into.


The hierarchy of digital information diffusion as I see it is:

1. Video

2. Photo-compilation or GIF

3. Photo 

4. Audio

5. Text

This is to say that  in the same amount of time, say 30 seconds, you take in the higest amount of information from a video, and vs from a series of pictures or text. This is true even in our daily communications, where a text can be wildly misinterpreted  due to the lack of visual and auditory information such as facial expressions and tone!! One thing is certain, video it's extremely important for conveying messages quickly and it is here to stay.

In honor of the incredible realm of film and video, I present to you my humble latest video compilation. I can't wait to build knowledge and abilities in video. I hope you enjoy!

Watch in high-definition HERE