My first experiences with video

Were during college. I had the opportunity to enter my university's video contest for the liberal arts college. Without any video experience, and a GoPro recently purchased, I decided to interview fellow students and "other shots" known by actual videographers as B Roll, and then throw them all together in iMovie. Seemed easy enough. I walked away with a $500 prize for having the best video submitted. But it wasn't until I naturally explored video production that I became truly intrigued by it, and this type of video was actually adjacent to a type of photography: the timelapse.

I have become more and more fascinated with video as the day goes on. I've been trying to increase my video editing abilities with programs like Premier Pro. Partly because I have a deep respect for film and think it's incredible what people can accomplish within the medium, but as a content creator and brand developer, I see video being more and more important to fill consumers precious time. I also see a global trend heading in video's direction...

Video (especially live video) is now heavily encouraged on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Though not necessarily anything super new considering Twitter's own Periscope app, or considering that japan had video calling back in the late 90's. Nonetheless, Video is finally making it to the front page and making its importance well-known as we are encouraged by multiple outlets to go live and share video more than ever before. Perhaps it is because of this reason: video creates increased a much faster rate of information to be taken in by the audience. Video allows the consumer to take in much more information than if faced with say: a series of pictures accompanied by text. 

The hierarchy of digital information diffusion as I see it is:

1. Video

2. Photo-compilation or GIF

3. Photo 

4. Audio

5. Text

This is to say in the same amount of time, you take in the most information from a video, and the least amount of information from text. This is true even in our daily communications, where a text can be wildly misinterpreted  due to the lack of facial expressions and tone.

Using all text to relay your message to others online instead of video is like telegraphing someone when you have a phone that can get the message with full information to the receiving end so much faster. Is it really any wonder that video can be compiled of all the other types of communication as well? One thing is certain, video it's extremely important for conveying messages quickly and it is here to stay.

In honor of the incredible realm of film and video, I present to you my most recent video compilation, and my very first timelapse video compilation. I can't wait to expand upon video abilities and I'm excited to share what I come up with here! I hope you enjoy!

Watch in high-definition HERE

And below, my first attempt at organically assembling timelapse video

Have an awesome day everyone!!!! Go capture some video!