As 2018 Begins and 2017 Fades Away

New friends have come to stay...


Two amazing producers that I've known for a few years now have finally made the move to Chicago, and I am so extremely excited to start creating with them. Travis from Crystal Lotus Studios, and Cynthia from CynthiaCaptures are officially here to stay!!! Travis does photo and video production as well as graphic design, and Cynthia does some amazing photography work.

I took them for a little journey to the Southwest side of the city to a hidden gem called Palmisano Park. After that we took the train back up to the central core of the city and proceeded to capture the city moving at night. Please enjoy the pictures and please check out these amazingly talented creators and please join me in welcoming them to Chicago!

I am grateful to have these people by my side, it's going to be a good year I can feel it!

*Update* Some of Cynthia's Captures are below!